Livonia Fitness Rules and Policies

1. Hours of Operation

May vary with seasonal changes. LIVONIA FITNESS is usually closed on Major Holidays and/or Major Holiday weekends. Management reserves the right to make reasonable changes in the schedule which it feels is in the best interest of the club or its members. Management also reserves the right to close the club in order to make major repairs for a period of up to ten (10) days. All members are required to complete their workout and facility use prior to closing time.

2. Signing In

All members are required to sign in on the provided SIGN IN SHEET at the front counter upon entering the building. Print or sign your full name legibly and enter the time. Also, upon leaving the building enter the time. This is very useful in the event of an emergency where a member might need to be contacted. It also gives us a record of traffic flow and will affect changes in hours of operation.

3. Exercise Clothing

Members should wear comfortable clothing suitable for full range of motion exercises. Exercise shoes and a shirt must be worn while on the exercise floor.

4. Prohibited at LIVONIA FITNESS

Smoking, chewing tobacco, alcoholic beverages.

5. Conduct

Members shall be subject to the control and guidance of LIVONIA FITNESS staff while in the club, and shall follow the instructions of our personnel. Just be courteous.

6. Damage to Facilities

Member agrees to pay for any damage caused by careless or reckless use of equipment. ie: dropping dumbbells, slamming machines and barbells, holding onto consoles of cardiovascular equipment.

7. Personal Property

LIVONIA FITNESS is not responsible for the lose or theft of any member's personal property. Please lock all personal property in a locker and remove the lock and belongings when you leave.

8. Medical Results and Treatment

Member acknowledges that LIVONIA FITNESS has neither made claimes as to medical results nor suggested medical treatment to member. Members requiring special assistance for rehabilitative purposes are to provide LIVONIA FITNESS with written doctor's or physical therapist's orders explaining prescribed exercises and contraindications. Member acknowledges that they fully understand their own doctor's or physical therapist's recommendations and take full responsibility in complying with those recommendations.

9. Saunas

For your protection use a towel on the seat when using the sauna. Suggested time is 10 minutes. Do not bring flammable materials into the sauna (newspapers, magazines, paper cups, books, etc). Maintain 15-20% humidity in the sauna room when in use. This may require adding a small amount of water to the rocks. DO NOT POUR DIRECTLY FROM THE BUCKET as you could be burnt from the rising steam. One ladle full is sufficient.

10. Use of Phone

Our telephone is a business phone and not for public use. Please respect our need to use it for business purposes Pay phones are available nearby.

11. Children

Under the age of 14 are not allowed in the work areas. We do not recommend the use of saunas for children under the age of 14. Memberships for those under 14 will be considered on an individual basis and only with written parental approval. Members are responsible for the safety and whereabouts of any children who accompany them to LIVONIA FITNESS.

12. Guests

Members may bring guests for a discounted price of $5.00 per visit. Guests will be escorted and signed in by member. Guests will sign a waiver upon entering facility. Guests are the sole responsibility of the member.

13. Spotters

Member is responsible for furnishing his/her own "spotter" (assistant) on any equipment which may require said spotter for the safety of the member.

14. Transfer of Membership

You may not advertise or permit your membership to be advertised for sale. Membership is only transferable under extenuating circumstances with written approval of the management and the additional payment of transfer fee.

15. Returned Checks

A check returned unpaid (for insufficient funds or account closed, etc) will be subject to a minimum $20.00 additional charge to cover our bank fees and related charges. LIVONIA FITNESS may then request payment in full including returned checks fees and additional attorney's fees as explained on front side of the contract.

16. Membership Freeze

For Orange and White Memberships only. The member may "Freeze" their membership up to (3)months per term. Payments will continue uninterrupted during the current membership agreement. The "freeze" month(s) will then be applied as free time at the end of the current term. 30 days notice PRIOR to freeze is required. The member must complete a Freeze form PRIOR to going on Freeze.

17. Maintenance

For BLUE memberships only. LIVONIA FITNESS has provided for vacation or time away from the routine in one month intervals (3 months max. per year) by reducing automatic payments to $9.95. Membership status is thus maintained until you return without the inconvenience of canceling and then having to pay another membership fee upon rejoining. 30 days is required before payment change can take effect.

18. Medical Hold

This is available for up to 6 months. A written statement from your physician is required explaining the circumstances. Payments are suspended until membership is resumed (up to 6 months) with no loss of membership status.